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Founded in 1998, Olameter is a leading provider of outsourced utility solutions in North America. We currently service over 250 clients that range from large investor and government-owned utilities to small co-ops and municipalities. Our clients include Centerpoint, DTE, Duke, Entergy, Hydro Quebec, and Union Gas. We also support many service providers to the industry, from large consultancies to local contractors.

Olameter currently has over 2000 employees working in five divisions: Meter Services, Meter Data Management, Damage Prevention Services, LiDAR and Geospatial Solutions, TelDig, Administrative Solutions and IT Solutions.

LiDAR Technology

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LIDAR and Asset Mapping

Our field personnel use a variety of GPS collection tools, including TopCon LiDAR, Trimble GPS Data Collectors, and BlueStar GPS to capture data. This field data can be used to create utility maps from scratch, or can be combined with existing records, maps, and aerial imaging data to update our clients’ existing mapping systems. Sub-meter accuracy can be achieved in the field, as well as post-processed for more precise coordinates.

LiDAR for Utilities

Olameter is able to extract specific assets from LIDAR data and provide them to utilities in any file format.

  • corridor mapping: details on heights, field loading conditions, distances, and GPS coordinates for power lines
  • asset inventory and inspection: locations, details, and measurements of assets in the field
  • GIS: asset information exported directly to GIS in required file format, applicable to assets such as fire hydrants, utility poles and boxes, manhole covers and valves
  • vegetation encroachment: identification of vegetation encroachment over lines

LiDAR for Municipalities

LIDAR data can be very useful to municipalities to locate, inspect, and map infrastructure. Olameter can provide analysis and export to any relevant file format.

  • city mapping: AM/FM, locations, details, and GPS coordinates of infrastructure in the city
  • disaster response planning: flood modeling, disaster management, homeland security
  • infrastructure asset management: identification of damage and degradation, including qualitative and quantitative analysis of pavement distress, sign reflectivity

LiDAR for Construction and Engineering

Olameter can provide LIDAR data for the creation of cross-sections, contour models, and 3D surfaces of as-built conditions.

  • as built models: CAD, Revit, microstation exports of as-builts directly from LIDAR data, kerbs, mean propagation of heights, propagation by distance, ground contours
  • earthwork inventory: stockpile modeling, profiles, mensurations, volume estimation
  • vegetation/drainage: identification of heights and density of vegetation, drainage modeling
  • cut/fills: quantity takeoff of existing land for rehabilitation, ROW, topography
  • roadway/tunnels: clash detection from design build to as-builts, detect and delinate slope instability, alignment



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